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  • Race, Gender, and Citizenship in the African Diaspora: Travelling Blackness just won the National Communication Diamond Anniversary Book Award for 2018! We will be celebrating all semester! https://www.jou.ufl.edu/2018/09/10/cjc-alum-receives-prestigious-nca-book-award/
  • Traveling Blackness won its first book award: 2017 National Communication Association Outstanding Book Award from the African American Communication & Culture Division and the Black Caucus!



Greetings and welcome to my little corner of the Internet world. Thank you for stopping by manouchekaceleste.com!

While I spend great energy challenging categorizations and titles in my work and life, you will find a few here, designed to help you navigate the virtual space.  I hope this website will be a resource that will lead you to other helpful resources. It will be updated regularly, so do check back in for new projects, announcements, and resources. Also, see the links to connect via social media and to contact me regarding my work, including invitations to visit your campus or community. Thank you again for visiting. Have a fantastic day!

Manoucheka Celeste, Assistant Professor, University of Florida

  • Center for Gender, Sexualities, & Women’s Studies Research
  • African American Studies Program
  • Affiliate Faculty, Center for Latin American Studies


While you are here, check out my book (coming to paperback soon!):

Race, Gender, and Citizenship in the African Diaspora: Travelling Blackness